Going successfully thru Cancun Airport to your Resort

Cancun Airport- Riviera Maya

Going thru a foreign airport can be nerve wracking, specially when you don’t speak the local language. In this article we will give you some tips on how to go thru Cancun Airport in the easiest posible way.

Cancun International Airport is the top Airport in Latin America and in the Caribbean. On 2016 it boasted a record of 20 million passengers! So as you can imagine, it can easily get crowded.

On the Plane
We recomend you to pack on your hand luggage a pen along of course your Passport. The airline should provide you with 2 forms. One is for inmigration and the other is for customs. Both forms are in english and spanish. So you should have no problem when filling them out. If you make a mistake, just ask the flying attendant for another one.

Arriving to Cancun Airport

Although the airport has a lot of traffic, it only has tree terminals. Terminal 1 is for company shippments and cargo. Terminal 2 is for domestic and international flights. And terminal 3, only international flights.

Once you go out of the plane, you will see signs that will lead you to Inmigrations. During peek seasons there are also agents giving directions.

Sometimes lines are endless but it is nice to be waiting at least in a closed building with AC. Bathrooms are available in this area. So keep that positive thinking up and get your Passport and forms ready!

The inmigration agent will scan your Passport and stamp it. The part the agents hands you back is the “Tourist Card” which you will have to give back when you leave Mexico – keep it safe! If you lose it, there is an Immigration counter/office in both Terminal 2 and 3 to help you when you depart. The process of replacing a lost tourist card can take awhile so arrive at the airport in plenty of time.

Cancun Airport- Riviera Maya

The baggage claim normally is quite fast unless your flight is coming from Central and South America. You can see the dogs searching the bags once and over again looking for ilegal stuff. Be patient. There is not a lot to do about it.

Customs inspection: Last stop until you are free!  This is were you hand the second form to the agents. Then all your luggage goes thru an scanner and after that, the agent will ask you to push a button. If you get the green light, you just walk away but if you get the red one, your luggage will go under another inspection.
If you get stopped for this second  inspection, you will be asked to open your luggage and the inspector will search through it. Remember they are only looking for illegal items. This is a routine inspection and it should take no more than 10 minutes.

Before you reach the exit, you will go thru many desk of “Tours and Tourist Information”, do not stop with them, they are Time Share reps. So if you don’t want to spend hours of your vacation on a sales pitch, just say no thanks and go to the exit.

Outside the airport
So get really for the tropical weather, hot and humid but still a paradise! Make sure you have light and confortable clothes. Remember Cancuns weather goes around the 80°F.

If you booked your prívate transfer with Cancun Airport Transportation, you will see here one of our greeters waiving a sign wth our logo (an orange suitcase). Just go with him and give your last name. He will call your driver and put you on your way to your resort so you can start your well deserved vacations!

If you do not have transportation included, we recomend you to book your transportation in advance. Avoid the waiting and the crowds.

Cancun Airport Transportation

About Cancun Airport Transportation
Cancun Airport Transportations provides private transfer services from the Cancun Airport to any part of the Cancun area, being a hotel, resort or home. We provide transportation services to all the areas: Cancun Hotel Zone, Cancun Downtown, Playa Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and all the Riviera Maya.
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