About the Cancun International Airport

Cancun Airport

To get to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, or any other place in the Riviera Maya, you have to fly to the Cancun International Airport.

Although it barely opened in 1974, the Cancun International Airport quickly became the busiest Airport in Mexico due to its international flights. In 2023, Cancún Airport handled 33 million passengers.

The Cancun International Airport is located in the north of Quintana Roo State. On the Cancun- Chetumal highway km. 22. From Cancun is around 15 min by car. From Puerto Morelos: 30 min, from Playa del Carmen 50 min and 2 hours aprox from Tulum. Of course, it all depends on the traffic.

Cancun International Airport Terminals

The Cancun Airport has 4 terminals and 1 FBO (Fixed Base Operator) between the cargo and the commercial flights.


FBO receives all private flights that land at Cancun Airport. This building is located next to Terminal 1.

FBO at Cancun International Airport

Terminal 1: 

At Terminal 1 land charter flights only. These are usually international flights from the USA and Canada and are not commercial flights. Now, in 2024, Terminal 1 will be remodeled to increase the passenger capacity.

Terminal 2 Domestic Commercial Flights:

Terminal 2 has 22 gates: A1-A11 (in a satellite building) and B12-B22 (at the main building). Most domestic airlines depart from here, along with all international flights to Central and South America and a few long-haul flights to Europe. There is a bank and food outlets in the check-in area, along with several restaurants and shops in the boarding area and immigration/customs services.
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Terminal 3 International commercial Flights:

Terminal 3 has 21 gates: C4-C24. It has been recently expanded. Most US carriers as well as some Canadian and European carriers use this terminal. It offers shops (including duty-free), cafés and restaurants, as well as immigration/customs services.
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Terminal 4, International Commercial Flights:

Terminal 4 has 12 gates and was inaugurated in October 2017. The terminal can handle 9 million passengers a year. Airlines flying to terminal 4 include Aeroméxico, Interjet, Air France, Lufthansa, Air Transat, WestJet, Condor, Southwest Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Air Europa, Frontier Airlines and Sun Country Airlines.

Now in 2024, Terminal 4 will be also remodeled for more passenger capacity and to have more ampliation. The addition of Terminal 4 made Cancun International the first airport in Mexico to have four terminals.

Terminal 4 of Cancun International Airport

Cancun Airport Restaurants

Cancun Airport Restaurants

Before or after landing at Cancun International Airport, you’re likely to be hungry. At this airport in Cancun, there are many restaurants where you can grab a bite while waiting for your flight. Here is the list of Cancun Airport Restaurants:

Cancun Airport Terminal 2 Restaurants:

Guacamole Grill: Guacamole Grill is a restaurant at Cancun International Airport with delicious Mexican dishes.

Burger King: This restaurant is known for its delicious hamburgers and french fries. It’s a great choice for a quick bite before boarding. 

Grab & Go: Grab & Go is a fast food restaurant in Cancun Airport 

Baskins Robbins: It’s never too late to taste delicious ice cream and milkshakes of different flavors at Baskin Robbins. 

TGI Fridays: Craving American cuisine? TGI Fridays offers you a variety of dishes and authentic American food. 

Domino’s Pizza: Enjoy a delicious pizza from Domino’s Pizza before boarding your flight. 

Corona Beach Bar: Before your flight, enjoy a refreshing beverage or enjoy a cold beer, accompanied by appetizers.

Cancun Airport Terminal 3 Restaurants:

Johnny Rocket: At Johnny Rocket, enjoy a delicious hamburger with a milkshake or a smoothie. You’ll have a wide range of hamburger options featuring high-quality meat.  

Grab & Go: Grab & Go is a fast food restaurant in Cancun Airport.

Guacamole Grill: Guacamole Grill is a restaurant at Cancun International Airport with delicious Mexican dishes.

Margarita Ville: Enjoy a refreshing beverage while tasting delicious snacks. 

Haagen-Dazs: Before leaving Cancun International Airport, an ice cream would be a nice treat to enjoy your arrival in paradise. 

Starbucks Coffe: Starbucks Coffe is one of the most chosen Cancun Aiport restaurants for visitors. At Starbucks Coffe, you’ll enjoy frappes, coffees, bagels, etc while waiting for your flight. 

Bubba Gump: Are you craving seafood? Bubba Gump is an excellent option to savor typical Cancun and Caribbean seafood.

Domino’s Pizza: Enjoy a delicious pizza from Domino’s Pizza before boarding your flight. 

Terminal 4 Cancun Restaurants: 

Sushi Tequila: Sushi Tequila offers a unique combination of Japanese food and the beverage more representative in Mexico: Tequila. Enjoy them!

Hacienda Montejo: Hacienda Montejo in Terminal 4 at Cancun Airport Restaurants is an excellent option if you want to taste authentic Yucatan dishes on your first visit to Cancun and the Riviera Maya. 

Cancun Airport Transportation

Cancun Airport Transportation

Many companies of private transportation, taxis, car rentals, and ADO buses are at Cancun International Airport to take you to some meeting point of Cancun center or your hotel destination directly.


Cancun International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Mexico after the Airport of CDMX. This Airport will facilitate your travel in Cancun and the Riviera Maya where you can have a pleasant time while you’re waiting for your flight or after landing there.

In case you need ground transportation from the airport to your hotel, condo, Airbnb, etc. Please visit our Cancun Airport Transportation Website and check our rates. We offer you a very reliable service at very affordable prices in private transportation.

Welcome to Mexico, ‘Mi casa es Tu casa’.

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