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Normally when you think about Mexico the first thing that comes to your mind is the desert, cowboys, cactus, etc. And yes, that is Mexico but the country so biodiverse that it is like many countries within a country.

Cancun Weather

Cancun for example is located in the Mexican Caribbean, therefore it has a tropical weather with lots of humidity. Cancun’s weather is similar to our neighbors in the Caribbean Islands or the Caribbean from Central America. Check this map:

The Weather in Cancun is very similar all year long, so it makes this destination a perfect Vacation spot all year round.
As you can see in the chart below, the coldest it could get is 21°C/ 70°F and the hottest temperture goes around 34°C/ 93°F.
Sure the Riviera Maya during Summer might be a little too hot if you are not used to this tropical weather, but nothing that tons of sunblock and a cold margarita can handle.

Cancun Monthly Weather

As per the rain, it kind of rains all year, that is what it keeps this area with a steady temperature and a beautiful green jungle. Of course that does not mean it will rain every day, or all day long. If that was the situation, we would have no tourism right?

Cancun Monthly Weather

Lets talk about the weather of each month in Cancun so you get an idea or so we can help you decide when you want to come to this area. As we said above, the weather in Cancun is pretty much the same all year round, having a steady temperature (hot) and clear skies, but each month can be different.

We must start saying that the average temperature in Cancun is 27° degrees celsius or 80.6 Fahrenheit and the average weather in Cancun is semi-tropical, humid.

Cancun Weather in January

So in Cancun in january the weather is cold and windy, but that is cold for locals, it goes down to an average 20 degrees celsius or 68 Fahrenheit. in January is when the winds start to be stronger and they last until april more or less. So Cancun starts the year a bit colder than other months but thats why its Hign Season in Cancun, since all the Snowbirds (travelers coming down to get away from the cold weather) bookd their holidays in this tropical Paradise

Cancun Weather in February

Winter in February in Cancun. What’s the Cancun february Weather? Februery is a cold month for Cancun, we have the snowbirds nesting in a warmer place than their house, it has an average temperature of 23° celsius or 73° Fahrenheit.

Cancun Weather in March

March is probably one of the best months to visit Cancun. How is the weather like in March in Cancun? March is a cool month to be in Cancun, you still have some wind but not that much,. The average temperature in March is 25° Celsius or 77 Fahrenheit . The average rainy days in march in Cancun are a lot less than any other month. And we know that in the north side of the world it gets pretty cold, a lot colder than in Cancun, so it’s a good time to visit Cancun.

Cancun Weather in April

Cancun is pretty nice from November to May. How is the weather like in April? April is still a really good month to visit Cancun, it still has good temperature, it is when it starts to go higher, since summer is almost here. It’s the second month with less rainy days. and the average temperature is 26° Celsius or 78° Fahrenheit.

Cancun Weather in May

The average temperature in May is 27.7° Celsius or 82° Fahrenheit. What is the weather like in May? May is a very nice month to visit Cancun, the weather is hotter but still livable, you can go out to the beach as long as you use your sunscreen and drink water, staying in the shade under a palapa or an umbrella is better when on the beach or pool area. Rain is not that present in this month. You can find some good deals for summer if you start looking in May.

Cancun Weather in June

Cancun in June the weather starts to be a little wet, its when the rainy season starts, as well as the Hurricane Season in Cancun which goes from June to November. Rains starts to appear in Cancun and they can be abundant until September. We must say that unless there is a storm around the area, rains will not last long, they go on and off refreshing the temperature in Cancun. Summer starts on June the 21st and its when the highest temperatures will arrive.

Cancun Weather in July

Hot? So Cancun in July the weather starts to get hotter and hotter to an average temperature of 32° celsius or 90 Fahrenheit. Summer started at the end of June and it goes all the way to September, but July and august are the hottest months.

Cancun Weather in August

August continues to be hot. August Cancun Weather is still hot, one of the hottest of the year including July. It is one of the months where there is more possibilities to get hit by a Hurricane since its almost in the middle of the Hurricane Season. It’s summer vacations and a lot of people are visiting Cancun, just make sure to drink a lot of water and use sunscreen.

Cancun Weather in September

September is usually the lowest month by tourist traffic. How is the weather in September in Cancun? Well the weather is as usual, pretty humid, hot and rainy, it’s the last of the most rainy months (June to September) and some storms an hurricanes have arrived in this month, however its not the strongest one. Vacation wise, it is a good month to visit, since its a slow season and you can get good deals for hotels and other activities, and don’t worry, remember that if there are rainy days, the sun will always come out every once in a while. Just as a fact, the Gilbert Hurricane hit the Yucatan Peninsula on September 8, 1988, the second largest hurricane in the Atlantic.

Cancun Weather in October

October is when things start to change again. What is the weather like in October in Cancun? Well, Fall is supposed to start around the end of September (not like there is much difference in temperature in Cancun) and you start to feel a little change in the temperature, really little… Rains are less common and the tourist season starts to go on (slowly). As another fact, the Wilma Hurricane made landfall in the Yucatan Peninsula on October the 21st, making significant damage to the area.

Cancun Weather in November

Cancun in November the weather or temperature starts to go down a bit, its still autumn (not that there is much difference between the season of the year in Cancun), but is when the cold fronts start to come down from the north, cold winds coming from Canada and the United States. November is the month when Hurrican Season in Cancun is officialy over. That’s when Thanksgiving is celebrated and in Mexico the Mexican revolution day is celebrated.

Cancun Weather in December

So yes it rains but the rain is heavier between August, September and October. Again, it does not mean that if you visit us in september you are not going to see the sunlight, but if on your next vacations to Cancun you get one or two rainy days, we recommend you to make Tours to  Mayan ruins as Chichen Itza, Coba or Tulum.

Average rainfall in Cancun chart

The all year round awesome weather of Cancun and Riviera Maya also makes it perfect to celebrate Weddings in any month of the year!  In Cancun Airport Transportation we offer special rates for groups, so if you are celebrating your wedding or any other group celebration, contact us for a Group Airport Transportation quote to:

Conclusion about the Weather in Cancun.

When is the best time to visit Cancun weather wise?

From December to April would be the best time to visit Cancun, being March the best month if we talk about temperature and rain.

When is the Hurricane Season in Cancun?

The hurricane season in Cancun is from June to November.

Also, check the Cancun Weather Forecast in real time!





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