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Cancun Airport Transportation takes you to all the destinations of Cancun and the Riviera Maya with our different types of transportations, Private, Luxury or Group Transportation

Our list of hotels by area


The Cancun Hotel Zone is well known for its variety of Hotels from All Inclusive Luxury Resorts to charming little Hotels along the white sand beaches. And of course its Turquoise Waters.


Cancun Downtown is just 15 minutes from the Hotel Zone and it's where you'll be able to find lower rates in Hotels and with that a good qualitya s well.

Cancun Downtown offers a great variety of local restaurants at really good prices where you can enjoy seafood and other local tastes. Don't forget that here is also where you can find economic souvenirs in places like Market 28 or Market 23 as well as in the Kiwi Market.


Playa Mujeres in Cancun is a new great spot only 15 minutes north of Cancun Downtown where you'll find mostly luxury resorts and it's just a few of them, so what you'll se is only the white sand beaches and the characteristic blue turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean in Cancun.

Let's not forget that this is only about 20 minutes from Cancun Hotel Zone


Isla Mujeres is an Island right in front of Cancun. This little island is very cosy and has everything you need for a perfect vacation. Playa Norte will amaze you with its crystal clear waters and Punta Sur is one the first place where the sun comes out in the morning.

The transportation is provided to/from the ferry in Puerto Juarez, we don’t include ferry tickets.


Puerto Morelos is a Charming little village located in between Cancun and Puerto Morelos, about 30 minutes from each of these.

What you will find here is nothing else but peace and quietness, a little village to enjoy with your family and see the fishermen come and go with their boats. It's also a beautiful place with beautiful beaches white as the sand in Cancun.

Puerto Morelos has a National Marine Protected Park well known for Snorkeling so this would be a must even if you don't stay here.


Playa del Carmen is a cosmopolitan vibrating city along the beach of the Riviera Maya where you will find people from everywhere living in this amazing place.

The fifth avenue has mostly all the action where you'll find tons of bars and tons of restaurants, but don't forget the surrounding areas where you have local restaurants offering delicious seafood and other local food.

From Playa del Carmen you can do lots of tours that would be near by in the Riviera Maya.


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Tulum is the perfect spot to enjoy some of the largest beaches in the Mexican Caribbean. You have a lot of options here ranging from some affordable little hotels in downtown to some very nice Cabanas or VIP Hotels along the perfect beach. Coming to Tulum is a perfect romantic getaway.