Cirque Du Soleil at the Riviera maya


If you are visiting Cancun and you’re done with nightclubs and beaches, just for one night you’re in search of something that will blow your mind.  Then you should be buying tickets for the largest and most popular show in Cancun, Cirque Du Soleil Joyà, this event will leave you with a good taste on your mouth.

Joyà is the name of this creation of Cirque du Soleil that stays fixed in the Riviera Maya, so the Vidanta Theater will be the only place where you will be able to see it, it will never leave of tour. Combines culinary and performing arts in an intimate theater designed to envelop the audience through the five senses.

Joyà talks about the adventure of a teenage girl who is suddenly catapulted into the heart of a mysterious jungle that lies within the universe of her grandfather, an extravagant man who loves nature, who searches endlessly for the meaning of life.

Cirque Du Soleil

How to get there?

So this magnificent theater is located in Playa del Carmen,  so you can take a taxi cab, a bus, or for a better experience a private transportation with Cancun Airport Transportation.

It can take you from the airport or whatever hotel you’re staying at. It is better for you and your friends and family to travel together and privately, it is safer and cheaper for a large group. Don’t forget how comfortable it is to travel in your own vehicle with the people you want there.

The Vidanta Theater is located on the Cancun Federal Highway to Playa del Carmen, Km 48.

Cirque du soleil dinner

This event is also known for serving a delicious dinner while enjoying the show.

The first time is named Natura, with fresh lettuce, cheese, crab, you will discover little by little, when the slight steam that comes from the center of the plate begins to fade. The second time, called Arto, has three options to choose from: salmon, red meat and vegetarian, and then you can taste the special dessert they serve for each visitant.


At 7 o’clock the dinner ends and the show begins at night. The waiters leave and the scene shines in its maximum splendor.

Of course there are different types of food entrances, you can get dinner and champagne or just enjoy the show.