Exploring 5 Magical Towns Near Cancun

Cancun is a dream destination to explore new customs, traditions, Mexican dishes, and Archaeological sites and to discover white sands on the beaches with clear turquoise waters. However, you need to know that Quintana Roo and the Yucatan Peninsula are home to many magical towns you should visit if you are vacationing in Cancun, Mexico

What is a Magical Town? 

Some towns are called “magical towns” due to their symbolisms like history, legends, and transcendental facts. That means a “Magical Town” is a location that has immense value for Mexico with traditions, culture, outstanding beauty, and cultural heritage.

One purpose is to recognize these towns’ culture and promote them to foreign tourism to meet about them.

What are the characteristics of a town to be recognized as a “magical town“? Here are the characteristics:

  • Cultural heritage
  • Historical heritage
  • Architecture
  • Gastronomy
  • Symbolisms
  • Legends
  • Traditions

Magical towns near Cancun 

You’re probably eager to explore the nearest ‘Magical Towns’ around Cancun. For this reason, We have listed the best magical towns near Cancun that you should know on your next visit. Here is the list:


Tulum - Town near Cancun

Tulum is home to the most iconic archaeological site of Mayan civilization. These Mayan Ruins are on a cliff that looks to the Caribbean Ocean and offers some of the views more photogenic of the region. 

Tulum has become a popular destination for visitors seeking an authentic cultural experience. In addition, Tulum boasts gastronomy, local handicrafts, and nightlife that is a mix of Mayan traditions and modern trends. 

This magical town hosts a wide range of cenotes, which are natural freshwater wells formed by the collapse of limestone rock, offering visitors the opportunity to swim in fresh, crystal-clear waters amidst fascinating natural surroundings.

Transportation to Tulum: approximately 2 hours. 


Bacalar - Magical Towns near Cancun

Bacalar is one of the towns near Cancun that you must visit on your next travel to Cancun. It’s more probably that you have heard about the Seven Color Lagoon, so it’s perfect to know Bacalar is the destination that keeps it. This place is a gift of nature that became Bacalar in one of the magic towns in Quintana Roo State. Its name is due to the seven shades of blue can you see in the lagoon water. 

In addition, Bacalar also boasts a wide range of cenotes, mangroves, and locations full of history like Fuerte de San Felipe, a place that serves as a defensive fort against the English colonizers. 

Transportation to Bacalar:  4 hours.

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres - Magical Town near CancunIsla Mujeres is located 19 kilometers from Cancun city. To get to Isla Mujeres, you’ll need two transportation:

  • Transportation from Cancun Airport to the Ferry located in Puerto Juarez, Cancún
  • Take a Ferry directly to Isla Mujeres which you’ll get about 30 minutes. 

This Island is smaller, but It’s enough to journey it in a golf cart or motorbike. Furthermore, in Isla Mujeres, there is one of the more beautiful beaches in the world known as Playa Norte where it can do activities such as snorkel, scuba diving, or swimming. 

Isla Mujeres will surprise you as one of the magical towns near Cancun with beautiful faunas such as cenotes, beaches, and amazing landscapes. 

Transportation to Isla Mujeres: 30 minutes


Valladolid - Magical Towns near Cancun

Valladolid is another magical town near Cancun, only 2 hours from Cancun. This is one of the cities in the Yucatan Peninsula more ancient and it is home to museums, markets, historical venues, and colorful homes. 

Near Valladolid is also Chichen Itzá, an Archaeological Mayan Ruins where visitors can learn about the history of the Mayan Civilization and its pyramids. 

The main symbol of Valladolid is the yellow church called San Servacio Church.

Transportation to Valladolid: 2:30 hrs. 


Izamal - Magical Town near Cancun

Another Magical Town you can visit near Cancun is Izamal in Yucatan.

It is only 259 kilometers away, and it will surprise you because all its buildings are painted yellow, which will frame some incredible photos.

It was an important Mayan trading post, as witnessed by the vestiges of the archaeological site of the City of Hills.

Transportation to Izamal: 3 hrs. 


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