The Best Eco Parks in Riviera Maya


Mexico has about 200 thousand different species, equivalent to the 10% of the total population of flora and fauna that exists on the planet, making it a “Megadiverse” country. In Quintana Roo State we have 5 natural reserves and many different ecological parks. Some of these eco-parks are run by private companies who preserve the area and profit from the visitor entrances, so let’s say it’s a win-win situation. These are the Best Eco Parks in Riviera Maya.

Can you imagine how it was for the Mayans to live in an area like the Yucatan Peninsula? Lush vegetation, the Caribbean Sea, and lots of natural freshwater pools, aka Cenotes.  So many resources, of course, contributed to the growth of the Mayan civilization and nowadays we are lucky enough to keep enjoying it.

If you are soon visiting Cancun, Tulum, or any other place in the area, here is a list of the Best Eco Parks in Riviera Maya you can visit while vacationing around here. There are also a lot of tours in Cancun you could try.


Definitely, the most popular. It has many activities and stuff to see that you will need at least a full day in order not to miss a thing. There is something for everyone; for nature lovers, an underwater river, an aviary, a butterfly pavilion, and an orchid-bromeliad museum. It also has great areas to swim and snorkel while zipping a margarita. In addition, as part of the cultural offer, it has Mayan ruins replicas, a hacienda, a Mayan village, a Mexican cemetery, and the greatest Mexican show you will ever see. A must-watch when you visit the park. Is not all-inclusive, but it is possible to purchase an entrance that includes a buffet lunch at one of their restaurants. Canned beer is around $3 USD and bottles of water $2 USD approx.


Another fantastic eco-park in Riviera Maya to visit with the family. Here, the main activity is the snorkel, definitely a unique place to admire the underwater Caribbean fauna without having to leave in a boat for a snorkeling tour.

There are bikes you can use to go through a cool jungle trail. Sometimes, you can get to spot raccoons and coats. Now, if you don’t feel like riding a bike, you can also board a train to the floating river. Once there, get ready to float under the mangrove branches. It is really beautiful.

Xel-Ha is an all-inclusive eco-park. Get ready to enjoy your favorite cocktail all day long!

Xel-Ha Eco Park. Riviera Maya


All about cenotes and adventure. When you arrive, nature awaits you with open arms. Discover different types of cenotes. Rappel in a wonderful cenote of turquoise blue water, sheltered by a thousand-year-old cavern. Swing in fun zip lines to a refreshing swim. Kayak is surrounded by a landscape full of exotic vegetation and more. This park includes food and drinks at the end of the activities.

Xenotes Eco Park. Riviera Maya

Rio Secreto

A tour through caverns which formations tell the geological history of the land. Instead of walking, you will swim or float thru the amazing caves. The experience is complemented by activities in rappeling and bicycle. Enjoy trails in the jungle and finally arrive at the Peace Hall. A sound and light projection will await you in a totally natural setting.

Rio Secreto. Riviera Maya

Those were, as far as we can tell, the best eco-parks in Riviera Maya. You might also like to read which are the Top 10 Cenotes in Riviera Maya.

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