Cancun Weather

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Cancun Weather is mainly Sunny All Year round, that’s why it’s commonly called the City of the eternal Summer in the Caribbean! It has an average weather temperature of 77 Fahrenheit or 25 celsius depending on the time of the year you come.

So everyday you wake up in the morning be sure you’ll have a great sunshine saluting you with a great Ocean View reflecting the golden rays of the sun.

It rains of course, like everywhere in the Caribbean, but you must know that rains in the Caribbean are not like those in New York or London, or Paris… Rain in Cancun it’s on and off, so you’ll never have a full day or rain, it’s even strange for some people visiting the city because you’ll be out in the sun in the middle of the day and you might have some raindrops while it’s all sunny out there.

Cancun Sunny Weather

Beautiful beach in Sunny Cancun

It’s always good to check the weather forecast for when you are coming to Cancun, mainly if you are coming in the hurricane season, since it’s most probable that there will be some rain. You can be sure that traveling to Cancun from November to May it’s the best season since it is “cooler” than the rest of the year (cooler for us) and it is probably really cold if you live in Canada or the north of the United States… or England… or the Northern Europe.

Even if its raining during your vacations you can enjoy your time with plenty of things to do, either at the resort with the all inclusive amenities or with some Jungle Tours. These Jungle tours can be doing Zip lines in the wild or driving some ATVs thru some muddy lands. There are some new off road vehicles that are amazing when it’s actually raining since you will come out full of mud.

So when coming to Cancun you should pack comfortable clothes like shorts, casual shirts, sneakers and sandals to go out on tours or be on the beach, don’t forget of course some nice clothes fo go out at night, but make sure those clothes are fresh and light. If it rains, in almost every hotel there will be umbrellas to borrow so don’t try bringing your raincoat since it’s not worth the hassle.

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