Cancun is one of the most visited destinations in the world

Cancun and its travel recovery process resulted in it being one of the most visited destinations in the world. It’s no surprise that a place like Cancun is the number one destination in Mexico, but a recent analysis showed it to be on the top of the World’s most visited destinations. On this list, places like New York, Paris, Dubai, Punta Cana, and Barcelona, make a big impact. So for Cancun to be among these and even over some of these destinations is something to brag about.

Cancun welcomes millions of travelers

We may say this a lot, and apparently, we won’t stop saying it, as Cancun keeps breaking records and surpassing all expectations, but it’s true! Compared to previous years, even before the pandemic, Cancun is shown to be the best and most visited destination in the world. This is also attributed to Cancun being the easiest way to get to the Riviera Maya. In 2019, between January and September, the Cancun Airport welcomed 17.7 million passengers, in comparison to this year (2022), where the numbers exceeded 13.7%, and 20 million travelers came to this sunny destination. The airport has overtaken Mexico City International Airport to become the country’s main access point for foreign tourists this year.

Why is Cancun one of the most visited destinations?

Following Dubai, Cancun is the second most visited destination in the world this year. Cancun has honorably earned this position as it is one of the most diverse destinations in the world. It has it all, in all shapes and sizes, for all budgets and types of travel. You don’t really need an excuse to visit Cancun, even if it’s mainly known for being a destination for spring break. Cancun is even breaking expectations on what type of destination it is. You can have a family vacation, honeymoon, business trip, etc, and still, be able to enjoy Cancun from different perspectives.

Two couples having drinks together in Golden Parnassus Cancun pool

Travel Recovery Worldwide

There has been some major “summer travel recovery” worldwide, but it’s clear that it’s being led by Caribbean destinations. In the case of Cancun, this destination remained open throughout the pandemic, encouraging tourism through consistent messaging and firmly established health protocols. This approach has helped Cancun to maintain its popularity despite now facing more competition than during the height of the pandemic. 

Leading the way to this travel recovery, are the countries bathed by the Caribbean Sea: Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean with an overall +5%. The United States and Canada are falling behind and South America with -31% and -21%. This is due to the effects of its delayed lifting of restrictions. Central America and the Caribbean owe their leading position to the flexible approach to travel restrictions employed by many of its top destinations as well as to its keen source markets in the US and Europe.

Terminal 3 at Cancun Airport
Terminal 3 at Cancun Airport

Why travel to Cancun?

As we said, you don’t need much to convince anyone to take a trip to Cancun. This is because this paradisiac destination is what everyone that is running away from the rush of the city or the cold weather, is looking for.

Cancun offers a historical side with museums, iconic archaeological sites, and the Mayan Culture signature; as well as has tropical and relaxed vibes that you can experience in the all-inclusive hotels. As well as to hotels and resorts, Cancun is also a place for entertainment, close by Cancun you can visit the Cirque du Soleil show, JOYÀ, and all Grupo Xcaret attractions. From party scenes to natural environments and cenotes, Cancun is overall a place to renew oneself.

Compared to other destinations in Mexico, Cancun is a very young city that didn’t take much for it to take off. Since its beginnings, Cancun has been seen as a hidden treasure in the Yucatan Peninsula. Now, after all the hard work, Cancun has honorably taken a spot among the most famous destinations in the world.

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Hotel Riu Palace Cancun
Hotel Riu Palace Cancun
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