Why booking your Cancun airport transportation ahead is a good idea?

Cancun Airport Transportation

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Anyway, let me tell you why is it better to book your transportation from the Cancun airport to your Hotel ahead.

Why would you book your transportation ahead?


There are several reasons why, but the main one and the most important is money. Transportation at the Cancun Airport, when you arrive and want to get a taxi, prices are high as the roof! Why? Because there is a monopoly, or a duopoly… Since there is only two taxi companies allowed to take passengers from the airport they can put the price as they want, and you can get a taxi for only two people to the Cancun Hotel zone for as much as $75 USD. (which is a roundtrip transportation with us for up to 8 people!).

You will give all of your money to these guys at the airport because you didn’t plan your trip and service will be… well, only that.

Planning your transportation ahead will give you time to think about other things at the arrival of your flight, like GETTING A BEER! Apart from saving money of course.

Cancun Airport

And of course, always try to plan ahead your daily activities or excursions you want to do, because when you arrive at destination you will have higher prices.

Why is this like that? Very simple, there is a lot of competition online so everyone will try to get your attention, and most of the time, attention means low prices.

At Cancun Airport Transportations we will bring you comfort and security of having someone picking you up at the time of your arrival.

And if you are worried about your flight being delayed and not having your transportation at your arrival, worry not! Because we will monitor the flights and make sure we are there at the time the flight lands.

Cancun Airport Transportation

We know there is a time laps from when you land until you go out of the gates of the airport and everything is taken care of.

We are able to take you anywhere in the Yucatan Peninsula, but the main places we go every day are:

Cancun Hotel Zone.

Cancun Downtown.

Playa Mujeres

Puerto Morelos

Playa del Carmen

Riviera Maya.

When you have your reservation finished for your airport arrival you will receive a confirmation on how to proceed to see your driver outside the gates of the airport.Cancun From the plane

Once you have your reservation you can probably plan a tour or two for your stay which we’ll be happy to plan with you. You can go to a lot of different places like:

Chichen Itza.



Ek Balam.


And more.

If you wish to have any other information about Cancun or the Riviera Maya we are here to help, and do not forget…