Hurrican Season in Cancun 2024: Preparing for the storm

Cancun Airport Transportation in Hurricane Season

In Cancun we are very used to Hurricanes, not that we like them… but we have had our good share of hurricanes. The last big hurricane we had was Wilma in 2005 hitting with lots of strength during 3 days with a lot of rain, it flooded the whole Yucatan Peninsula and devastated the electrical system.

Hurricane Wilma in 2005 over the Yucatan Peninsula
Photo of Hurricane Wilma in 2005 over the Yucatan Peninsula

Before Wilma hurricane in 2005, we had the Gilbert Hurricane in 1988 hitting with a lot of intensity for a day, it devastated the whole area and it went to the center of the country doing several damages.

Gilbert Hurricane over the Yucatan Peninsula in 1988
Photo of Gilbert Hurricane over the Yucatan Peninsula in 1988

Between those to big hurricanes, we’ve had quite a lot of small hurricanes that goes from category 1 to 3, doing some damage but not as much as the 4 and 5 categories.

Cancun Hurricane Season

As the globe warms and ocean temperatures rise, the intensity and frequency of hurricanes are increasing. For tourist Paradises like Cancun, this trend signals a growing need for preparedness and adaptation. The 2024 hurricane season poses significant challenges and risks for Cancun, renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and bustling tourism industry.

When is Hurricane Season in Cancun?

Let’s check out some anticipated conditions for the 2024 hurricane season in Cancun, the measures in place to manage these potential natural disasters, and the broader implications of climate change on hurricane patterns. You can check here the Cancun Monthly weather in order to know which months are least likely to get a hurricane.

Cancun Airport Transportation in Hurricane Season

Just to mention, Cancun Airport Transportation remains working during the whole Hurricane Season unless there is a government request to stay off the streets, make sure to be in contact with us and your hotel to make sure the transportation can take place and also be aware to take extra time for your ride back to the airport in case of any delays.

Understanding the 2024 Hurricane Season in Cancun

Hurricane season in the Atlantic, or the Caribbean which affects Cancun, runs from June 1st to November 30th. Cancun’s susceptibility to hurricanes during this period is due to the warmer ocean temperatures, which typically peak between August and October. These conditions are “good” for the creation of tropical storms and hurricanes. According to meteorological predictions from leading climate agencies, the 2024 hurricane season could be more active than average, driven by several climatic factors including La Niña events, warmer sea surface temperatures across the Atlantic and Mexican Caribbean, and decreased wind shear which often prevents storm formation.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) and the Mexican government’s meteorological department closely monitor these conditions. They provide early warnings and updates to help mitigate the impact of these potentially devastating natural events. For the Cancun Hurricane Season 2024, models suggest an elevated likelihood of major hurricanes reaching the higher categories on the Saffir-Simpson scale, which classifies hurricanes from Category 1 (least severe) to Category 5 (most severe) based on their wind speeds.

Preparations in Cancun for Hurricane Season

Cancun has developed robust systems to be ready for hurricanes, learning from past experiences with major hurricanes like Wilma in 2005, and Gilbert in 1988, which caused significant damage. The local government, in collaboration with the hotel industry and other business sectors, has implemented stringent building codes designed to withstand severe weather. Most new buildings are constructed to endure at least Category 4 hurricane winds.

Military helping people after Wilma Hurricane hits Cancun

In addition to physical preparations, there is an emphasis on community awareness and evacuation protocols. The city conducts regular drills and maintains clear, multilingual communication channels to ensure that both residents and millions of tourists know what to do in the event of a hurricane. Cancun has established emergency shelters and detailed evacuation routes that are widely publicized before and during the hurricane season.

Tourism, which is the main Cancun’s economy, is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of hurricanes. The local and federal governments, along with tourism operators, have insurance and contingency strategies to cover economic losses during the season. These measures not only protect the economic stability of the region but also ensure quick recovery and continuity of services post-storm.

How does the community in Cancun prepare for Hurricanes

Before we continue, you need to know that Hurricanes have a long-time warning, it’s not like it’s going to hit land in a day or two, there are several stages for a hurricane to form, become first a tropical storm, and before that a tropical depression and before that a tropical disturbance, giving you days of warning, so you need to listen to the news and prepare. Also, you can always travel to Cancun in Hurricane Season, you can always take a flight back sooner or go to special shelters for tourists.

Having said that…

Locals in Cancun that have been living here for a while, like me, know how to prepare for every hurricane season in Cancun… that doesn’t mean that nothing will happen or damage wont exist.

First is the main survival, which is you as a person and your family, you need to prepare a bag with all your important documentation, as passport, ID, house papers, car papers, and of course money. If you have a car, have the car full of gas Then, food and water.

Backpack kit for hurricanes in Cancun
Backpack kit for hurricanes in Cancun. Picture taken from

This is a list of the main products you should have ready for a hurricane in Cancun:

  • A gallon of water per person.
  • Food in cans, any kind, just food that can be eaten once you open the can.
  • A flashlight.
  • Candles.
  • A radio.
  • A lighter.
  • Toilet paper.

How do Cancun locals prepare their house?

Nowadays lots of people in Cancun have installed special Hurricane curtains for their windows and backyard doors, however not everybody has them, so something really typical is to buy plywood panels and put them in the windows, this is a good protection but if you don’t have any of those and you wont stay in the house, the best would be to leave some windows open so the air could circulate around the house and not break the windows.

This is a list of some things to do at your house prior to a hurricane:

  • Put away all the furniture of your garden, including the dog house, pots and everything.
  • If you don’t have a stationary gas tank, put your gas tanks away and close all gas pipes.
  • Disconnect all electronic devices that you are not really using during the hurricane.
  • Find the safest place in your house in case windows break, so you stay safely there.
  • If you are in an area that gets flooded easily, make sure to elevate your furniture with something.

Plywood over windows in Cancun preparing for Hurricane Season

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