What to do in Isla Mujeres

isla mujeres playa norte

Isla Mujeres

The Caribbean coast of Mexico, a beautiful destination, offers a great natural diversity and amazing beaches, an unique Paradise. If you are looking to relax and forget about the world for a moment, Isla Mujeres is the right place for you.

Playa Norte

It is a small island located in the Caribbean Sea, only 6,8 miles away from Cancun. Here, you will find all kind of experiences: If you want to relax, you should go to Playa Norte, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. Here, you will find many beach clubs with sun beds and bar-restaurant service. Just picture yourself reading a book while zipping a Margarita. From the ferry, you can take your left and head to Playa Norte, it will take you around 10 minutes by foot.

The island is not actually big. If you want to look around, the best way is to rent a golf car or a scooter to drive across the island and discover its wonders. If you feel more adventurous, there is also bike rental.

isla mujeres punta sur

Garrafón Park

In the South area of the Island you will find Garrafón park, if you are interested in swimming with dolphins, kayaking, snorkeling or experience the sea from the Zip Line, these activities are available in this park for you. Also, there is a Mayan temple next to Garrafón dedicated to Ixchel the goddess of fertility. Besides the temple you will find some contemporary sculptures facing the colorful Caribbean Sea. It is a must.

isla mujeres snorkeling

Underwater Museum

Finally, if you are looking for an exciting experience, we recommend diving or snorkel at the MUSA underwater museum. Here you will find various sculptures under the sea of people in different situations and even a Vw beetle.

You will never forget Isla Mujeres, it is a unique place in the world, a peaceful and exciting place both at the same time.

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Ferry to Isla Mujeres

In order to get to Isla Mujeres, you can take Ultramar ferry located in Puerto Juarez. Is just that easy. Now, you might be wondering how actually get to Puerto Juarez ferry port. Guess what? You are lucky to read this: We do the transportation from Cancun Airport (or any hotel of the area) to Puerto Juarez ferry port (Ferry to Isla Mujeres). Just book your service via our engine and you are halfway there.

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