About the Cancun Airport Terminal 4

Cancun Terminal 4

Due to increasing traffic, at the beginning of November 2017, Cancun International Airport opened Terminal 4 doors.

Cancun Airport Terminal 4

It has everything an International Airport should have. Travelers will find several services, such as:

  • Information desks
  • Flight Information Display
  • ATMs
  • Public telephone services
  • Luggage Protection Services (secure wrap).
  • Food and beverage services
  • Public Toilets
  • Duty-Free stores
  • Car rental agencies
  • Parking
  • Ground transportation.

As the extension of Terminal 4 are brand new facilities, few things were missing, especially signs to direct the passengers to the correct exits. After several months of the official opening, everything is running smoothly. However, there is some information travelers must have upon their arrival at that terminal.

Travelers walking out Terminal 4 of Cancun Airport


Immigration filter, Baggage claim, and Customs clearance at Cancun Airport Terminal 4

The path from getting off the plane, pass through Inmigrations (in case of International flight) and baggage claim is quite short and simple. Airport agents will lead you during this process. Once gone through customs, the next step is to look for the exit and find your Cancun Airport Transportation service.

Luggage claim area at Cancun Airport


Watch out for people offering Tourist Information around terminal 4 of the airport

While walking to the exit, travelers will have to walk through a hall full of people offering “Tourist Information”; they are actually OPC’s (i.e. Outside Public Contact, the first link of the time-share selling process). We recommend just to say ‘no thanks’ and continue the way to the exit.

Information desks in Terminal 4


Go straight forward to get out of the Cancun Airport terminal

Travelers will also see rental cars, bus tickets, and other taxi services while walking to the exit. If you already have a booked transportation with Cancun Airport Transportation, just keep on walking unless you are interested in getting information, in which case we recommend to greet the driver first and ask him about it. Drivers will give all the information you may require 100% transparency.

Travelers walking to the exit of Cancun Airport


Two ways to exit the airport

Once reached the exit, travelers will find two doors. One is for travelers’ families and the other one is for shuttle, transfer, and transportation companies. Walk out by the second one, unless you have a close person waiting for you.



Correct exit

Do not take the Friends and Family exit. If you do, some taxi drivers will do their best to get you convinced about hiring them for a service that you surely will consider way too expensive. Prevent all this by taking the left exit, the one for Hotel Shuttle/ Ground Transportation.



Meet & Greet at Cancun Airport

Our staff will be waiting to escort you to your private van so you can start your beach vacation in Cancun or the Riviera Maya as soon as possible.

Cancun Airport Transportation


Welcome to Mexico, ‘Mi casa es Tu casa’.

In case you haven’t booked your ground transportation from the airport to your lodging, visit our Rates section for a full price list. We provide reliable services at affordable prices in private transportation.

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Cancun Airport Map Terminal 4.