The Top 10 Cenotes in the Riviera Maya


Beside its fabulous beaches and natural parks, the Riviera Maya is well know for its wonderfull cenotes. Cenotes are swiming pools of fresh water.

All the water from the rain in the Riviera Maya area is filtered thru the limestone and transformed into underwater rivers. The cenotes are sinkholes or natural pits as the result of collapsed limestone bedrock that expose the water that normally flows beneit the surface.

Since the cenotes are surface connections to subterranean water bodies, they are very popular among intrepid divers who are not afraid to swim thru small caves with little or non exsiting light.
In fact, in order to be able to practice diving in a cenote, you need to have an advaced diver certification since you are facing a very differnt environment with specifyc safety rules.

We would like to share with you a list of Cenotes in the Riviera Maya that we are locals think are the best ones to visit. If you are interested in visiting any of them, contact us, we’ll take you there!

1.-Cenote Cristalino
From the Cancun International Airport, this cenote is right after Puerto Aventuras. Click Here for Directions.
Altough is not a big cenote is quite nice, the water is cristal clear and since is an open air cenote, you can enjoy of sunny days while having a refreshing dip into the cenote.



2.-Cenote Manati
From the Cancun  Airport, this cenote is right before Tulum, in the Tankah area. Click Here for Directions.
This is one of my favorites, it is also an open air cenote but is almost next to the Ocean. Also, it is not super small so you can get to rent kayaks if you want to move around and enjoy the mangroves landscape. The place has also a small restaurant  so it is very convient in case you want to quench your thirst with a cold cerveza after swiming.


3.-Cenote Samula
This cenote is around 2 hrs from the Cancun Airport, near the beautiful small town of Valladolid Click Here for Directions.
The cenote of Samulá is a splendid subterranean cavern; a few steps ahead you will enjoy a view full of tranquility and peace, where you can contemplate the roots that hang from the ceiling and touch their turquoise waters. Definitely one of the must see.



4.-Cenote Suytun
This cenote is also 2 hrs from the Cancun Airport, near Valladolid Click Here for Directions.
Suytun is one of the most important ceremonial cenotes. In this cavern there is an small stage surrounded by beautiful crystalline waters, which despite of being shallow, will amaze you with the spectacular amount of fish that live in it. Suytún is the only cenote where you can find in its exterior huts and a small museum where they exhibit amazing pre-Columbian archaeological pieces.



5.-Gran Cenote, Tulum
This Cenote is located between Tulum and the Coba Mayan Ruins Click Here for Directions.
Although is not as big as the name says, it is a cool place to refresh yourself after visiting the Coba mayan ruins.



6.-Cenote Il Kin
This Cenote is located right next to the Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins. Click Here for Directions.
And talking about refreshing yourself after walking for hours visiting Chichen Itza… this is your place! this marvelous cave with no roof is one most amazing cenotes you will find in the area.



7.-Cenote Dos Ojos
From the Cancun  Airport, this cenote is right after Xel-Ha and before Tulum. Click Here for Directions.
In this cenote you can just refresh yourself in the entrance, or renting snorkelling equipment and wandering around or… do diving in the caves that connect to the underwater rivers!



8.-Cenote Dzitnup
This cenote is around 2 hrs from the Cancun Airport, outside the beautiful small town of Valladolid. Click Here for Directions.
Its beautiful turquoise waters and the amazing flash of light reflected from the highest, make this cavern an unequaled natural treasure that you should know. Inside it you can find a lot of stalactites that hang from the top and although the water is not deep enough for diving, it is excellent for swimming and exploring its beautiful spaces.



9.-Aktun Chen Caves
This park is on the other side of the road of Akumal bay. Click Here for Directions.
Aktun Chen Park is one of the many natural parks in the Riviera Maya. I has a nice Cenote but also caves and an underwater river. Zip lines are also available!.



This park is right next to the famous Xcaret in the Riviera Maya. Click Here for Directions.
I know this is a post about cenotes but although Xplore does not have a cenote, it has very cool caves you can swim or move in a kayak. It is a long circuit and it is very impressive to be underwater and move carefully under the stalactites.



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