Best Instagram photo spots in Cancun

Heard you’ve been looking for the most insta-worthy spots in Cancun. Well, Cancun by itself its pretty instagrammable, but today we bring you a list of spots that you’ll want to visit when you’re in Cancun to upgrade your feed pictures! These are the best Instagram photo spots in Cancun.

Next-level beach photos 

Upgrade your beach photos by having an iconic background in a yacht or catamaran! and the perfect place for this type of photo is Isla Mujeres. By taking a yacht or a catamaran tour to Isla Mujeres island, you will have the bluest ocean and no crowded background for your pics. I promise, no filter needed!

Snap a pic at Chichen Itza

A tour of Chichen Itza is what your social media needs. This historical and cultural landmark in the Yucatan Peninsula is a worldwide icon and even so as it’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Not only is the place itself stunning, but the right outfit makes the difference, don’t be afraid to stand out of the crowd, at Chichen Itza, it’s something you’ll need to have the best photo. So pack a colorful outfit and be camera ready!

La Gran Rueda

Right at the main entrance of La Isla Shopping Village, it’s the unmissable Wheel of Fortune. You can either take a picture across the street, by the Mayan Museum or ride the Wheel of Fortune and get a picture inside the cabin with the city on the back. Not many have taken the time to take this photo, but we think it’s a great spot to take pictures in Cancun. Also, you’ll have the hotel zone and the La Isla Shopping Village.

Malecon Tajamar

Malecon Tajamar is a boardwalk around the lagoon. You can take a stroll down Malecon Tajamar and watch as the hotel zone starts illuminating the horizon as the sun sets behind the hotels.

Jardín del Arte, Nichupte Lagoon

As you make your way into the Hotel Zone, you’ll be able to enjoy the views of the Nichupte Lagoon. This is a classic setting for many tourists, but if you want to take some cool pics, find yourself at Jardin del Arte, this is a boardwalk right in the middle of the hotel zone. The place has little kiosks and benches in which you can take a picture with the amazing lagoon as background. Ideal for a romantic photoshoot, or a casual day!

El Meco Archaeological site

Archaeological sites are amazing photo settings! The texture of the materials and the natural surroundings are the perfect match. El Meco is archaeological outside the hotel zone, on the way to Playa Mujeres, that not many know about. This place is less crowded than other famous archaeological sites in the area, so you can take pictures taking the time you need and without worrying about people photobombing your pics.


Many that come to Cancun, come looking to snap a pose in the famous “CANCUN” sign. Lucky you, many hotels have now their own sign with colorful letters and great views of the ocean. This is a good option, and less crowded, as the original letters are located at El Mirador in Playa Delfines. This place gets very crowded, but if you’re patient you can also get your iconic pic. The best part is that almost everywhere in Mexico you’ll find this type of big sign, so you can take pictures of every destination you go to and collect them. (Places like Isla Mujeres, Playa de Carmen, and Puerto Morelos have this)


One of the most unique attractions in the Yucatan Peninsula is the cool underground cenotes. and let me tell you, cenotes are the ultimate scene to take the most instagrammable photos! There’s mystery and charm in every cenote, and the amazing thing is that they’re so unique! Just take a look at this: