What to do in Tulum

a gray and black iguana on a gray stone

If you are considering a trip to Riviera Maya, specifically to Tulum, you may want to know about popular activities in the area to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Turns out Tulum is not just jungle, but a whole “boho-chic” (bohemian and chic) destination with many activities to enjoy. Here is a list of three plans that you can come up with when traveling here:

Take a morning-trip to Tulum archaological site

Tulum wouln’t exist if it wasn’t for the Mayans that made this place their home hundreds of years ago. We believe it is completely worth it to know about culture and history of the place you are touring around.

That said, Tulum archaeological site is interesting by itself, without adding the whole “trendy spot” hype thing. The reason for this is that it was built right in front of a cliff facing the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean, so Mayans could watch out for invaders and incoming commercial ships. This gave Tulum unbeatable views. There is simply no other Mayan complex with this feature, since most were built near water bodies such as cenotes, but not near to the coast like Tulum was.

Go to the beach

You might have expected this one. Why would you trip to Tulum without taking a beach day? That’s something we woulnd’t understand. But hey, there is room for everyone in Earth. The point is, turquoise, crystal clear, shallow and calm waters… Doesn’t that sounds appealing? For us, it does. Drop everything and get to the beach. Your body will thank you for the Vitamin D it’s getting.

Wander through Coba’s Sac-Be roads

Sac Be road at Coba

Around 40 mins from Tulum is Coba, another ancient Mayan city but located right in the middle of the jungle, near two lagoons: Coba and Macanxoc. This site is usually visited as part of some tours, but it’s hard to explore it completely when you are being guided all the time.

Nohoch Mul pyramid at Coba

It is nice, though, to have a guide in order to understand more of what you are seeing, but you don’t get to try what is not contemplated in the tour itinerary, which can often be quite fun. For instance, there is a huge zipline over Macanxoc lagoon that some tours don’t even mention. That’s the type of things you could enjoy when visiting Coba by yourself.

View from top of Nohoch Mul pyramid at Coba

One useful tip would be to bring comfy shoes and some cash to rent bikes, in case you don’t want to walk. There are three different group of buildings, separated from each other by an-at-least 15 min jungle walk, so you better get prepared with some water and sunglasses.