Eco-parks between Cancun and Playa del Carmen

Eco-parks are the perfect mixture of culture, history, nature, and fun. If you ever find yourself somewhere in the Yucatan Peninsula, and more specifically, in the Riviera Maya, you won’t want to miss on these eco-parks between Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Eco-Parks near Playa del Carmen

  • Selvatica

Hanging bridges, zip lines, ATVs, and cenotes. Trip Advisor is the place to go for sharing and learning the best tips and reviews of travelers and the best destinations on the planet. And if you do some research, you’ll find that Selvática is the number one adventure park in Latin America. Worthy of 5 stars by thousands of people.

  • Xcaret

Xcaret is a popular eco-archaeological park located in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. There are many reasons why you might want to consider visiting this park. For starters, Xcaret is set in a stunning natural environment that features a lagoon, underground rivers, and lush jungle foliage. You can take a leisurely stroll around the park and enjoy the sights and sounds of the natural world.

Another great characteristic of Xcaret is its cultural experiences. The park is designed to showcase the cultural heritage of Mexico, and you can learn about the country’s history, art, music, and traditions as you explore the park. You’ll find a variety of exhibitions, performances, and demonstrations that highlight different aspects of Mexican culture.

Xcaret offers a range of exciting adventure activities, such as swimming with dolphins, zip lining, snorkeling, and exploring underground rivers and caves. Not to mention, that  Xcaret offers all-inclusive packages that include food and drinks, as well as access to multiple attractions and activities. This can be a great value for families or groups looking to make the most of their visit.

Overall, Xcaret offers a unique blend of nature, culture, and adventure, making it a must-visit destination in the Riviera Maya.

  • Xenses

In Xenses, you can live an experience in complete darkness through different ecosystems in Xensatorium, fly on a zip line in a vertical position in Vuelo de Pájaro, and test your senses in El Pueblo where you don’t know if you’re going up or down, slide down a slide and experience fantastic scenery. Xenses has something for everyone, from adventure activities like ziplining to more relaxing and sensorial experiences. Everyone will love the scenery, attractions, and food!

  • Croco Cun Zoo

Visit this unique interactive zoo in Latin America dedicated to educating and conserving wildlife species of the region. Accompanied by your guide you will enjoy a tour where you can pet, hold, and even feed the friendly inhabitants of this zoo.

Croco Cun Zoo is committed to sustainable tourism practices and conservation efforts, with initiatives focused on protecting the park’s wildlife and natural habitats. You can learn about these efforts while enjoying the park’s attractions.

Other things to visit in the way

  • Cenote Tula, Rancho Bonanza

The Tula Cenote at Rancho Bonanza is a true sanctuary for relaxation. Surrounded by lush nature and shallow waters, it allows visitors to cool off after a horseback ride through the jungle.

  • Rancho Baaxal

At Rancho Baaxal you will get what we would like to call “rustic luxury”. Top-notch service, horses that are true pros, and surprising little touches of luxury here and there at a rustic ranch surrounded by beautiful tropical vegetation. Take a refreshing break from the beach and join the award-winning horseback ride on beautiful rescue horses through a palette of shimmering greens at Rancho Baaxal, conveniently located between Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos in the Riviera Maya.

How to get to Playa del Carmen

Remember that to get to the eco-parks between Cancun and Playa del Carmen the first step is to get to any of both locations. In both cases, you need to fly into Cancun International Airport.

And in case you are staying in Playa del Carmen, you can book Cancun Airport Transportation to Playa del Carmen. In this case, you’ll have the transfer ready after landing in Cancun.  If you added drinks along the way, you can add them to your service while booking, you may want to ask your driver for them in case you are thirsty after the flight.

Rates for private transportation to Playa del Carmen start from 80 USD (standard van for up to 3 passengers). Find the list of prices here.