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Cancun Airport Transportation to La Chingada House Tulum

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Private transportation to La Chingada House Tulum from Cancun International Airport

La chingada was born along with independent Mexico." We know about this powerful origin through the pen of Enrique Serna, author of La Sangre Erguida (The Upright Blood). He writes that around 1840 Andrés Quintana Roo and other intellectuals who attended the gatherings held in the Andrade bookstore, demonstrated a keen interest in the origin of the verb chingar, daily used in all pulquerías of the time.

Thus, the "widely use of the word coincided with the rise of national consciousness." Will we ever know the relation between chingada and consciousness? What a question. For now, we have no doubts about their undeniable national dimension. The strongest evidence of this is its widespread use: it does not respect territorial limits or political divisions, nor social inequalities, cultural fractures or generational boundaries. No ifs about it. In its assorted applications, referrals and meanings, the chingada is what you might call a "national heritage".

From all its uses, perhaps the most common one is that in which someone curses you to go to a distant and undefined place: "Vete a la chingada". We have heard and said it countless times. Well, since the chingada is a place that at some point, quietly or loudly, we have sent someone or have ever been to, then it’s got to be a wonderful destination. So, if you are sent to somewhere near that, come to "La Chingada" where you will have a blast. It cannot be otherwise. 

How far is it from the Cancun International Airport to La Chingada House Tulum? The transportation to this place in Tulum would be around 2 hr.

Cancun Airport Transportation provides private transfers from the Cancun International Airport to a hotel, condo, airbnb or any destination in the Cancun or the Riviera Maya. There are different options for transportation: Private transportationLuxury TransfersGroup Transportation and more…

When staying at the La Chingada House Tulum, you can make different Tours in the area with CAT. These tours can be to archaeological ruins like the Chichen Itza Tour, Ek Balam Tour or Coba Private Tour. You can also do tours in the jungle like the Private Cenotes Tour.

Don’t forget that transportation to Tulum provided by Cancun Airport Transportation is private and non-stop to your destination.



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