What to do if you are in the wrong terminal in Cancun Airport?

Terminal 3, Cancun International Airport

What to do if you are in the wrong terminal in Cancun Airport?

Maybe you got confused and asked your driver to drop you off at the wrong terminal in Cancun Airport. Your flight departures from another, so, shall you take a taxi? Or can you get by foot to the correct terminal? Here, we explain the options you have in a situation like this.

It’s something that happens certainly often, as many airlines operate in several terminals. Some people believe there is just one stand per airline in the whole airport, but they’re wrong. What we recommend to do as you get in your transportation vehicle is to check your flight confirmation and look for the actual number of the terminal, not just the name of the airline.

But what if, for any reason, you get to be at the wrong terminal? Or you have to meet with somebody else in a terminal different from yours? Don’t exasperate. There are options for you to get in time for your flight or to meet with that person.

Cancun Airport aerial view
Cancun Airport

Free shuttle across terminals provided by the airport

Free Shuttle Across Terminals at Cancun Airport
Free Shuttle Across Terminals at Cancun Airport

This is the option we recommend. Each 30 minutes (more or less), a bus stops at the friends and family area to take passengers and workers across the different terminals. You don’t have to pay or show any document, it’s a free service provided by the airport. Just wait right in front of the clock which shows in how many minutes will the bus stop again.

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A Terminal of Cancun Airport


We don’t actually recommend this much, as some taxi drivers, noticing that you are in a hurry, will ask for a crazy amount of money and even try to make you think they are the only way to move across terminals. Anyhow, if you can’t wait for the free bus and are not willing to go walking, is still an option.

Walk to the correct terminal

Feeling like not needing help? There is a path to go on foot, but you have to be cautious, as cars run a bit fast and are not expecting to find a pedestrian carrying luggage around the airport. But if you do have time, don’t want to ride the bus and are forehanded enough, take your chances. Just be really careful

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