Which cenote should I visit?

For every person that steps foot on the Yucatan Peninsula, visiting a cenote is a must. Some even get married in a Cenote or assist a yoga class at these magical places. FYI there are over 7,000 cenotes in the Peninsula, and definitely not enough time to see them all. As a result, a question rises: “Which cenotes should I visit?”. Today we bring you a list of some of the most magical cenotes that are definitely worth a visit. First of all, all cenotes are amazing and unique, not all are suitable for swimming but they sure are admirable. Mouth-to-mouth recommendations leave many unknown cenotes out of the equation. But visiting a not-so-touristic cenote sometimes means supporting a local family’s business and helping them preserve the site.

  • Cenote Homún, Homún, Yucatan

The great Cenote in Homún may seem small but magical and enigmatic. Once inside, the sun can no longer be seen, there’s no source of natural light to be seen. As you kneel to enter the cave, the waters are very shallow but as you walk further, the cenote will have about 50 meters of depth in its deepest area. Guides will illuminate the path with a flashlight until you reach a key spot, in which all lights are turned off to let you admire the darkness of the cave and sense all that surrounds you. This experience is sublime for many since it’s something unique and even spiritual.

Cenote Homún, Homún, Yucatan

  • Cenote Verde Lucero, Ruta de los Cenotes, Puerto Morelos

At the Route of the Cenotes in Puerto Morelos, you’ll have to get deep into the jungle to find this gem of the Riviera Maya, unknown to many. Here you’ll feel the true power of nature, as you cannot hear any noise from the highway and can only see the jungle surrounding you. It’s a powerful scene as you can also hear the birds and the raindrops falling.

Cenote Verde Lucero, Ruta de los Cenotes, Puerto Morelos

  • Cenote Choj-Ha, Cancun-Valladolid Highway

There’s a group of people that call this cenote the bigger and the best, even the most impressive cenote in Yucatan. Cenote Choj-Ha is 2 hours from Merida and is a must-go place if you perhaps are driving between Cancun-Merida.

Cenote Choj-Ha, Cancun-Valladolid Highway

  • Cenote Sac Agua, Valladolid, Yucatán

Cenote Sac Aua in Valladolid Yucatán has what seems to be an island in the center of the cenote! An amazing setting for pictures and even for meditation and yoga practice.

Cenote Sac Agua, Valladolid, Yucatán

  • Cenote Xooch, Homún, Yucatán

Cenote Xooch (owl in Mayan) is located in the Homún Municipality in Yucatan. Its blue waters and calm atmosphere is quite divine and some even call it a healer place.

Cenote Xooch, Homún, Yucatán

  • Cenote Azul, Playa del Carmen

Cenote Azul is quite popular among tourists for an excellent reason. This cenote is ideal to visit with family. Its calming waters allow elders and kids to enjoy the site and have fun.

Cenote Azul, Playa del Carmen

  • Cenote Balam-ha, Akumal

An oasis of tranquility to enjoy the magical jungle and the healing sacred waters is what Cenote Balam-ha is known for. Here you can also enjoy the comfort of a villa, surrounded by a collection of Mexican art. The highlight of this place is that you’ll be able to live and breathe in the heart of the Mayan world, near the beaches of the Riviera and the main Mayan archeological sites.

Cenote Balam-ha, Akumal

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