What to do in Cancun during rainy days

Coast of Cancun with a big gray cloud in the sky | Image by SitioCancun

Cancun’s weather is quite volatile; there can be a shining and almost-burning sun in the morning and some big scary clouds in the afternoon, for which is a good idea to have a plan B in case it starts raining or that weather it’s not-so-favorable for suntanning, aquatic or excursion activities, reason for which we decided to make a short list of what to do in Cancun during rainy days.

Mayan Museum

Carved stones by Mayans exhibited in crystal boxes inside Mayan Musem Cancun
Inside of Mayan Museum Cancun

Around Emporio Hotel, there is an amazing museum where objects and history from the Mayan culture precedent of this great tourist destination are exhibited. Upon your visit, you will be able to go deep into Mayan culture, know what kind of materials they used for their rituals, what were the purposes of such rituals, among many other interesting facts. If you are one of those who are attracted by this millenary culture, you must probably enjoy getting immersed in the knowledge present at this museum. The museum is also near an Archaeological Site named San Miguelito.

La Isla Shopping Village

Water fountain with a scuplture of a woman in the middle located in La Isla Shopping Village Cancun surrounded by clothing and ice cream stores
Fountain at La Isla Shopping Village Cancun

Despite some of its spaces being open-air, La Isla Shopping Village, located in km 12.5 of Cancun Hotel Zone might be an attractive stop for those who wish to do some shopping, enjoy local and international dishes, and contemplate nice Nichupte lagoon views. There is also a great interactive aquarium, ice cream shops, and many art-craft shops.

Luxury Avenue (a.k.a. Kukulcan Mall)

Outside view of Luxury Avenue Mall Cancun with storefronts and two cars parked in front of it assisted by a Valet Parking
Luxury Avenue Cancun outside view

This mall is located in the surroundings of Marlin Beach. It has many museum-like shops. Despite some of their products are highly priced, the pure fact of visiting the mall tends to be exciting since it is possible to see cars, bikes, and sculptures that are not so usual to see in any Cancun store or mall.

Marina Town Center

Corridor with storefronts located in the upper level of Marina Town Center Cancun
Upper floor of Marina Town Center Cancun

Just like La Isla Shopping Village, this mall also has open-air spaces, so it can get wet if it is raining. Here, besides delicious restaurants and worldwide recognized stores, there is a nice cinema where you can hang around and enjoy the most recent premieres accompanied by some pop-corns and some nachos.

These are just a few options of the many things to do in Cancun during rainy days, windy days, or when there are too many clouds blocking the bracing Caribbean sunshine. Ready to enjoy a cold day in Cancun?