Holbox; bioluminescent festival


Holbox has been gaining popularity these days, not only for its beautiful clear water and the best night sky upholstered by the brighter stars, but for the best spectacular event of every year. Lightning the sea every year, the fascinating sea sparkle or if you prefer it, noctiluca scintillans.

This shiny phenomenon is caused by the plankton in the ocean that only gets closer certain time of the year, mostly from july to January, but this year we’re happy that tomorrow 25th this microorganism it’s taking a look around the Holbox island.

Holbox pier at daylight

There are several microorganisms, bacteria and other species that can do the same amazing thing, usually to protect themselves from danger. But well, we’re kind of proud that this is happening right here in our starling island. There’s no doubt this event’s year it’s going to be insane, hundreds of locals and tourists are heading to Holbox right now, because at 20:30 hours the black hole island called Holbox, is going to be illuminated by those magnificent sparkling microorganisms for a whole hour.

How to get there? We’re proud to announce that Cancun Airport Transportation can take you there, directly to Chiquila harbor so you can take the ferry at a perfect time.

If you’re going by car, you must take the highway to Merida, and then take the detour towards Kantunilkin continuing to Chiquila harbor. It takes 2 hours to get there, you can also take a freeway but it can take about 4 hrs, and then less than 20 minutes on the ferry which costs $140 pesos for visitors. Locals pay a smaller amount showing an ID. This is one way ticket.

Start packing up because tonight’s special event will illuminate this amazing island and if you’re traveling the state you shouldn’t miss it for anything!

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