Avoid Scams with your Cancun Airport Transportation

Cancun International Airport

When planning your vacations in Cancun not everything is sunshine. These days taxi scams had become a bigger problem for customers arriving at Cancun International Airport.

Imagine the following scenario: You’ve just arrived from a delayed flight, spent several minutes picking your luggage so that when you finally get out of the terminal your transportation is not waiting for you! What should you do?

Cancun Airport Transportations wants to share with you all the Steps on How to Avoid Taxi Scam:

1.- Personal will always wear a uniform or have a ba of the company: If someone approaches to you while waiting at the airport be sure that this person belongs to your Transportation Company. A banner, uniform or badge could be helpful. There are cases in which staff at the Airport pretends to be part of different companies in order to steal customers.

Staff at Cancun Airport Transportations will always be waiting outside the Airport with a banner that has the logo of the company.

2.- Call or text the company directly from your cell phone: After spending a few or several minutes looking for your Transportation Company, you might decide to take out your voucher and ask someone at the Cancun Airport for help. Unfortunately, this is not always the best idea… Some of the taxi scams involve personal at the airport “pretending to call” your company. A fake agent answers telling you that your shuttle has already left but you can take a taxi that will be later refunded.

When booking with Cancun Airport Transportations your shuttle will never leave without you, no matter if your flight was delayed. If you don’t find us at the airport, please call directly from your cell phone to the numbers provided and don’t let other people dial the number for you.

Cancun Airport Transportation


3.- Walk to the correct exit door: It might be confusing for you to find the right way to go outside the Terminal if this is your first time at Cancun International Airport. Each terminal has two exits, one is for “Family and Friends” which is basically for people who has someone at Cancun waiting for them. But there is another exit door designated for “Ground Transportation”. Please be sure that when looking for your transportation you are located at the right exit, this is very important since you are likely to be scam by a pirate taxi if you are waiting at the wrong exit.

 When booking with Cancun Airport Transportations you can always contact one of our representatives asking for the meeting point according to your flight number and airline.

We hope that this information helps you to have a hassle free experience at Cancun!

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