Airbnb in Playa del Carmen


In 2007, due to a lack of hotels during a congress in San Francisco, two of the founders of the website bought three airbeds and offered bed and breakfast, B & b) through a web. Thus was born Airbnb, American company that today is present in 190 countries (34,000 cities).

How does it work?

The web page puts in contact to hosts that rent their house or a room with possible guests and they pay for their stay. Airbnb allows anyone to rent their entire house or one or several rooms. The web acts as an intermediary, offers insurance to both parties and charges for this service 3% to the hosts and between 6% and 12% to the traveler, according to the price (the more expensive, the less the fee charged).


Airbnb in Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen ranks fourth in the list of 10 Latin American cities for users of the Airbnb platform so it receives visitors from around the world the entire year!

The best thing about finding accommodation in airbnb is that you can enjoy the best way the city. You feel at home and you also find accommodations to suit you, ecnomic and with good decorative taste.

Some accommodations are more expensive and of course have more advantages, whether it is near the fifth avenue or include a 24-hour pool. There are even those who offer breakfast for their guests. The advantages of using Aribnb are many and the list would be extensive. Finding a comfortable place in playa Del Carmen may be possible through this page or application.

Besides, hosts respect your privacy and they give you the space you exactly need, but if you need some help in finding new restaurants or touristic places, they can easily give you a hand. Hosts can give a nice experience because they know how traveling is, or they just make you feel like home.